Round Three!

With the onset of the first real snow storm we've had in several weeks, I recently realized this will be my third year of winter-biking.  I'm legal to drive, but haven't felt the need to purchase a vehicle (yet) and manage all the fun finances that come with such a responsibility, especially since I can…Read more Round Three!


There is life!

As my last post was apparently from back in oh... August/September, I'm long overdue for an update. For the sake of not writing a novel (mostly as my hands are already loaded with NaNo at the moment), here's the brief version of the past few weeks and months. September 9th: Fall Coronation. I had the…Read more There is life!

Roller Coaster Weeks and Medieval Weekends

The week started fairly innocuously with the initial planning of conference times for my preschool students and a few other planning elements between my co-teacher and I, as well as the other Special Ed preschool teacher since we have new students starting soon. By Wednesday I was flat-out exhausted. Between coming back from the long…Read more Roller Coaster Weeks and Medieval Weekends