December Wrap-Up

Somehow, it's January already- a mark in the passage of time by the Gregorian calendar, and the end of the winter holiday season for most. I had every intent of updating with a bit history and symbolism behind Chanukkah, prior to leaving for a week at home with my family, but the timing on when…Read more December Wrap-Up


There is life!

As my last post was apparently from back in oh... August/September, I'm long overdue for an update. For the sake of not writing a novel (mostly as my hands are already loaded with NaNo at the moment), here's the brief version of the past few weeks and months. September 9th: Fall Coronation. I had the…Read more There is life!

Growth and Progress

How does one properly turn all of the tangentially related thoughts into a cohesive, linear text? The last few weeks have been a buzz of activity in my corner of the world; and with good reason, the trend doesn't look to end for quite a while yet. In an attempt to catch all the thoughts,…Read more Growth and Progress


Boundaries: Writing and Keeping Kosher

"Is darkness a fact of life? Yes. However, it is still portrayed as wrong within the narrative context. That's where the difference is."


On Change

With the official notice of having to be completely moved out by the 31st of December, and the inability to spend Thanksgiving at home with my family for the first time, last week held a number of challenges for me. Additionally, the church I typically attend on Sundays (as opposed to my Torah-Observant Shabbat church/synagogue)…Read more On Change



Tak thre steps back, and thre steps forth, and this do agyn. Turn over the left shulder wherin the first and the third man take the place of the other and the second steps forth. Thusly repeat thryce until all are at their place. Three Steps Back... This has been the description, to some small…Read more Steps


A Most Notable Monday

There are three themes that seem to best describe today, and in all reality, they cover most of the hats I wear on a regular basis. First comes to mind was the dismantling process of my Sukkah today as the onset of sunset marked the end of the Feast of Sukkot. It's been an interesting…Read more A Most Notable Monday