Growth and Progress

How does one properly turn all of the tangentially related thoughts into a cohesive, linear text? The last few weeks have been a buzz of activity in my corner of the world; and with good reason, the trend doesn't look to end for quite a while yet. In an attempt to catch all the thoughts,…Read more Growth and Progress


Writing and Reality

As evidenced in the last post, I've been doing a fair amount of processing and self-analysis in the past few weeks. On one hand, this is a healthy thing to do. We all do it to some degree or another when faced with a challenge. What bothered me the most though, was how intensely deep…Read more Writing and Reality

Permission to Move On

It's been just over a week since the decision became fully official, and almost a month since things started to really come apart at the seams at school. More importantly, I've done enough internal processing (and some rare [and raw] external processing) to be comfortable in announcing it to the world at large.  When the…Read more Permission to Move On