Round Three!

With the onset of the first real snow storm we've had in several weeks, I recently realized this will be my third year of winter-biking.  I'm legal to drive, but haven't felt the need to purchase a vehicle (yet) and manage all the fun finances that come with such a responsibility, especially since I can…Read more Round Three!


There is life!

As my last post was apparently from back in oh... August/September, I'm long overdue for an update. For the sake of not writing a novel (mostly as my hands are already loaded with NaNo at the moment), here's the brief version of the past few weeks and months. September 9th: Fall Coronation. I had the…Read more There is life!

Hadrian’s Feld 2017/AS 51

Between a family reunion, actually decent hours at work, the end of the Shakespeare show's costuming (and their opening/closing weekend), and a few other things, my last post was a bit delayed. Here's to getting this one out in a timely fashion as upcoming events include the (wedding and) reception for two group members, Fall…Read more Hadrian’s Feld 2017/AS 51

Warriors and Warlords XXIV: Fri-Sun

Friday Unlike Thursday, the day started on a much more reasonable note- waking with the sunrise. We did, however, end up comfortably napping in until much closer to eight in the morning, when the excitement for the day began to set in. After a brief breakfast of thoroughly mundane toaster strudels (though not toasted!), granola…Read more Warriors and Warlords XXIV: Fri-Sun