Lady Christiana

Adventures in the Society for Creative Anachronism

in the Kingdom of Northshield 

These are the thoughts and travels of a young woman living in the midst of Englands’s reign o’er France in the early 1400s as I seek to find my home in the wilds of the untamed Crown Lands. My father’s line ties my heart to the French crown and my motherland France, as upturned it as it is in this current war. By fate, I must pay honor to the English crown as they rule this land at present. Though forbidden, I have picked up the sword to defend this land, and what remains of my dear family in place of my father, may he rest in peace. In all but sword work and the forbidden study learning of my letters so that I might support myself, I answer to the English crown, and all of it’s God-given authority, but one can never truly take France from these soils.



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