Defined: the way in which a piece of writing is expressed in words
In simplest form, the ever present search to describe the worlds living in my head.

As a NaNoWriMo participant and off-season writer, my worlds are many, and the characters diverse. The stories they tell are ever-changing as they reflect the very world we live in, in some shape or form.


  • Helklim Saga (titles TBD)
    • Book 1: In the stories of old, they spoke of the Ice Kings, a reign of tyrants- paranoid and cruel. Alinadur, burdened with the task that her deceased mother had entrusted her with, must find a way to protect those that her father rules over as he unwittingly joins those that the legends spoke ill of.
    • Book 2: Before the years of war and lust for power there reigned one who had the choice to turn the tides to peace, and one who sought to change everything. This is the rise of the Ice Kings.
    • Book 3: With Alinadur now on the throne, the hope of a peaceful reign seems possible after generations of war. Yet, the threat of a reawakening of the Blood Oath rises in the distance and whispers of undoing all that has brought the promise of peace.
  • The Centre
    • Part 1- Their world was small, bound by the walls that had no exit or entrance; a world layered in fear and pain, but one enveloped in the strength of selflessness and friendship. Doctor Charles Greenborough might have one focus for his dreaded experiments, but what those that live through them discover is far more than he could have imagined.
    • Part 2- Life afterward too, held no small number of questions still to be answered while friendship, recovery, and acclimatization to the outside world continues to push forward
  • The Ending of an Age
    • Book 1: They were a rejected people, cast from the remains of society in a world that swiftly approached its darkest days. Rejected or not, they held close to the tendril of hope that they alone saw as truth in a lost world, searching for a way to bring back the light.
    • Book 2: Science is essentially the only field that survives the economic crash prior to the Fall (of technology worldwide), and most definitely run by the all-powerful government. There are two types of people: those in connection with Science, and those who are not. Whether you’re on the run, or enslaved, you fall under one of those two titles.
  • Idhrenaura’s Saga
    • Book 1: As a child, Idhrenaura always knew that she was destined for her mother’s throne. Her eldest brother, Raedri, however had other plans that would unintentionally lead to her potential acceptance of becoming someone far more powerful than she had ever dreamed of becoming. Her journey down that path, however, would mean a great deal of change, perhaps more than anyone truly realized.
    • Book 2: Generations later, the world has changed, and yet, it really hasn’t, not at the core. The same conflicts exist, just in different guises as dragonkind seek to endure yet another threat against their very existance.
  • Brotherhood- a first-time NaNoWriMo novel of pirates
  • The Honorable Mrs. Teacher Lady- It’s tough being a second year teacher when the heads of the the school district would much rather stand toe to toe than see eye to eye.  Joanna Rashael, seventh grade history teacher, and member of a living history group wonders if she’ll ever find the balance between her two passions.


Writing Challenges History

  • March 2010: Back to Middle-earth Month
  • April 2010: Title TBD (100 page script)
  • July 2010: The Center (46,984)
  • Nov 2010: Brotherhood (54,783) WINNER!
  • March 2011: Back to Middle-earth Month
  • June 2012: Passage of Rights/ (16,876)
  • August 2012: Passage of Rights (36,003)
  • April 2013: Passage of Rights, (30,023) WINNER!
  • July 2013: To Be the Last (50,010) WINNER!
  • April 2014: The Imaginative (100,001) WINNER!
  • July 2015: Of the Fall (50,000) WINNER!
  • April 2016: The Honorable Mrs. Teacher Lady (50,000) WINNER!
  • Nov 2017: Helklim (Revision)